We’d like to take a moment to thank and honor Wendy Liscow for her outstanding contribution to arts and education in New Jersey – and everywhere.

I can’t begin to express the love and admiration I have for Wendy – and the very deep gratitude I have for all of the ways she has literally changed my life and the life of my organization.

Wendy believed in us when we were still trying to figure a lot of things out. She saw connections to our work that we hadn’t even seen fully for ourselves. She was encouraging and supportive and challenged us to be our best. Because of Wendy, we were able to fully develop key parts of our approach and make a huge impact with creative collaborators dedicated to a brighter future for arts appreciators and learners of all ages.

Wendy’s passion and dedication for a just and beautiful world through arts & education has no comparison. Her tireless curiosity, creativity, and community building are a model for anyone who wants to actually make social change ideas real. Wendy is an exemplary “designer for social impact” and I’m proud to be a colleague and call her a friend on this path together.

If you’d like to see impact that would not have happened without Wendy’s dot-connecting, see the new collection on our website to celebrate her: “Because of Wendy”