Elizabeth Murphy is one of those people who seems to do it all. She’s a strategist, facilitator, and coach – but more importantly, she is a steadfast champion of those who want to make a difference. To match her proud Irish heritage and her unwavering vision of a better world, we helped her rename her business “Rathú” – which means “Thrive.” 

“It takes a creative and curious mind to shepherd people through a process that illuminates and gives shape to one’s organizational identity.  Ennis is a master at this work.  My collaboration with her gave birth to a new identity for my consulting and coaching practice, one that is fully authentic to who I am, both professionally and personally.  Our creative conversations illuminated the essence of my work, my specific approach, and my impact.  Ennis designed a site for my practice that perfectly showcases who I am,  what I offer, and why it matters.  In a crowded, noisy field, it is very important for me to differentiate my work from the pack of consultants operating in today’s world.  Ennis’ sharp, inquisitive mind coupled with her exceptional design skills is a powerful combination that helped me to re-envision my business in a wholly original way.  Our work together was exciting, insightful, challenging and invigorating.  I highly recommend Ennis and Social Impact Studios!”