MediaJustice is leading the fight for racial, gender and economic equity in a digital age. Throughout most of 2018 and into 2019, we were fortunate to work in collaboration with this group of dedicated advocates as they changed their name to connect to a renewed strategy that moved them forward after 10 years as the Center for Media Justice.

This project was a true collaboration as we worked with Communications Director Imran Siddiquee and creative folks at Design Action Collective to create a new identity together. At Social Impact, we stewarded their name-change process – coordinating stakeholder input and assessment that helped MediaJustice make a subtle but powerful change that reinforces the bold urgency their work embodies.

Design Action Collective focused on logo & website, while we developed a “Message Catalog” and creative organizational touchstones, like a “Change Poster,” 10 Year anniversary icon and a style guide that ties it all together.