2020 was one for the record books. Still, we were inspired by the activated ideas all around us. Here’s to 2021!

Here’s what you’ll see in the video:

Act II Playhouse – Season Materials

MutMuz Gallery Los Angeles – Posters for the People Exhibit

CivicStory https://www.civicstory.org/ – Public Image Works program

Kris Campbell Art https://www.kriscampbellart.com/ – Public Image Works program

Posters for the People http://www.postersforthepeople.com/

White Ally Bootcamp https://www.crystalsaiyge.com/white-a… – Special Guest: Weekly Communications Support & Embodying Anti-Racism in Communication & Action

The Dandelion Project.us https://www.thedandelionproject.us/ – Logo Design

Arts Ed NJ https://www.artsednj.org/

Arts Ed Now https://www.artsednow.org/ – Creative Campaign Design & Management

Story Muse https://storymuse.net/ – Special Guest: Weekly Communication Support Workshop Series on Storytelling

Appel Farm Arts & Music Campus/Arts Camp https://appelfarmartscamp.org/ – Creative Identity Design

U.S. Department of Arts & Culture https://usdac.us/ – Special Guest: Weekly Communication Support on Honoring Native Land

Lenore C. Enterprises http://www.lenorecenterprises.com – Public Image Works program + Website

Mississippi Center for Cultural Production http://sippculture.com/ – Community Engagement Campaign

Arts ARE Education https://www.artsareeducation.org/ – National Campaign Design & Launch

Intercultural Leadership Institute http://www.weareili.org/ – Documentation, Communication & Storytelling

Merriwood Sustainable Community https://www.merriwoodcommunity.com/ – Logo & Website Design

Carpenters’ Hall https://www.carpentershall.org/ – Collaborative “Places for the People” exhibit

Free Library of Philadelphia Print & Picture Collection – https://libwww.freelibrary.org/digital/ – Collaborative “Places for the People” exhibit

Mural Arts https://www.muralarts.org/ – WPA 2.0 Panel Discussion Co-Host

NJ Civic Information Consortium https://njcivicinfo.org/ – Public Engagement Campaign

Peters Valley School of Craft & Gallery https://petersvalley.org/ – Creative Public Image & Promotion

UC Music Project https://ucmusicproject.org/ – Public Image Works program

4 the Soil https://www.4thesoil.org/ – Public Engagement Campaign

Music by: The FlipCharts