Each Wednesday at 10am EST, we host a Weekly Communication Support Check-In to share best practices and discuss with each other how we are communicating differently (or the same) during the current social and health crisis. Here are some notes from this week’s meet-up that may help you navigate what’s most important to communicate now.

“Design-Thinking” has gotten a lot of attention in the last couple of decades. Rightfully so, it needed to come about in the wake of lots of designing (tech, public planning, etc.) that didn’t take enough of the “User Experience” (UX) into account. 

During this week’s support group meeting, we talked about the iterative 5-stage Design-Thinking process and balanced it with a look at the Design Sprint process. Both emphasize TESTING, which is a perfect ingredient to make sure that you are hearing directly from the people most affected by anything you are creating – especially if it’s intended for their use. Working backwards from setting Goals and knowing how to make Decisions can be key to success combo between the two approaches.

The Design-Thinking Process
The Design Sprint Process

Also covered in this Support group: A discussion about how to price your work as an independent content creator. Tune in for ideas & advice we discussed.


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2017 Illustration for one of Tribe 12’s Core Values. We thought it fit this week’s theme really well! Learn more about Tribe 12 here.