We are excited to welcome back Jaamal Benjamin to the Social Impact Design Team! Jaamal worked as a Creative Associate in 2014 and is now back as a collaborator.

Jaamal Benjamin

Jaamal Benjamin is founder and designer at Studio Grand, a black-owned visual design + branding studio based in the Greater New York area. 

Formerly a dancer / choreographer in Hip-Hop dance theatre, Jaamal’s interests as a visual designer, artist and educator lie mostly in crafting parallels between the black experience, mark-making, social change, movement, and music.

Jaamal’s professional practice of design and typography took a shift when he was introduced to modernism. Since, his practice in typography and design as knowledge continue to mature.

Jaamal holds a bachelors degree in Graphic Design and currently aides students while studying Type Design at Cooper Union’s Type@Cooper Extended program.

Jaamal works on the Social Impact Team to support change through design and discussion.

You can read a post that Jaamal wrote back in 2014 about his “Impact Experience” here.