Vision Values

We Believe

Anything is possible with the power of positive thinking, creativity, design and action.

We Can Make It Happen

A dedicated group of people working together can achieve what seems impossible.

Operating Values

We emphasize Culture, Design, Communication, and Action to get our work done.

We take a creative approach to resources. We presume an abundance. We cultivate:
– Time
– Resources/Money
– Skills

We are the stewards of the process. We take responsibility for:
– Removing barriers
– Catching every idea
– Communicating clearly, quickly and easily
– Connecting dots that push the limits of impact far and deep

Day-to-Day Aspirations

Prioritize Anti-Racism

Achieve the Most You Can with What You Have

Be Compassionate

Be Respectful

Cultivate Prosperity

Treat People Equally

Celebrate Diversity

Love One Another

Find Humor

Create Joy

Be Positive

Express Gratitude

Build Community. Activate Community.

Be Pro-Active

Be Aware

Be Engaged

Operate Sustainably

Listen to Other’s Core Values

Have a Good Time All the Time

Be Imaginative

Make Magic

Inspire Wonder

Be Inspiring

Just Do It!

Be Creative

Be Solution-based

Put Humans, Animals, Nature first


Honor those who have come before

Be Passionate

Foster a Collective Creative Experience

Make Thoughtful, Beautiful and Meaningful Work

Get to the core of the matter

Work with Care

We don’t settle for less of ourselves – no “good enough”

Don’t Stop. Don’t Struggle.