Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Black Lives Matter. We must address the ongoing violence and systemic racism that threatens the liberty and lives of Black people in the U.S. every single day. We must dig deeply into our cultural and social systems that limit the quality of everyday life for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people in our country. It is no longer enough to be non-racist, inclusive and diverse. We must be explicitly and vocally anti-racist to make change in our personal lives and on a social scale.

There is no place for hate in a democratic and whole society. We also must explicitly call to #StopAsianHate in the face of ongoing and escalating violence against Asian people in our country.

Social Impact Studios – through all of its programs: our creative studio, Public Image Works, Posters for the People – commits to prioritizing anti-racism in our work, operations and use of resources.

We believe a healthy, happy and peaceful world IS possible and only achievable when we break the hold that racism has on our country’s systems and culture. The insidious participation in racism in our daily lives all the way up to the overt and deadly display of racist power by leaders and stewards must stop.

We commit to putting anti-racism at the top of our priorities in all of our own programming and promotion.

As an organization dedicated to communication and action, we are committed to sharing this focus publicly.

We take seriously the responsibility to figure out how to do this within our own work. We will ask for guidance, for feedback and clarity along the way. But we are not waiting to be told how. We are not depending on the people most affected by racism to give us the solution. 

We will rely on our Core Values that have always given us a strong foundation for our work. We will not sacrifice our belief in peace, kindness, beauty, joy, laughter, and creativity to overcome the challenges and fear that hold back all people from being our very best.

Because we will need to be at our best to defend against and stop racism and hate now.

Resources for Embodying Anti-Racism in Communications & Action