We are excited to welcome Alia Abu Marzouq, as our new Visual Designer at Social Impact Studios. Alia will be creating the visual stories that help engage the public in important social issues.

Alia came to America as an international student to study Advertising at Temple University. One of her parents is English, while the other is Kuwaiti, and she previously lived in both of her home countries before moving to the city of Philadelphia. Four years on, she graduated with honors in the Art Direction specific, advertising track. Alia has always strived to do whatever she can to make the world a better place and has always had a passion for creativity. Taking up the role of Visual Designer at Social Impact Studios will allow her to combine her passion with her skills. She looks forward to building her portfolio of work and building awareness for important social issues through design at the same time.

Please help us welcome Alia! [alia(at)socialimpactstudios.com]