Ennis and her team are masters at both understanding and designing the essence of what we needed to communicate. They are wonderful collaborators – they listened, asked lots of questions, encouraged us to challenge our assumptions, and guided us as we boiled down our abstract ideas. The look and feel of this design is beyond our imaginations, and the posters work beautifully as a series but also as stand alone images – they could not be more perfect.  We’re super excited to use these in lots of different ways!

Elizabeth Murphy

Director, Creative NJ

  • Image of speech bubble shaped like brain/cloud
  • Icons interconnected through web
  • Multi-cultural group of people with speech bubbles overlapping
  • Poster with honeycomb background and text: Creativity + Collaboration + Inclusion = Thriving Communities, Our Call to Collaboration
  • Image of state of NJ map with hotspots and text: Catalyzing innovative ideas at the intersection of creativity, collaboration and inclusion